Bringing our Mind to Our Breath

One of the best tools that we have at our disposal to quieten our disturbed minds that is available to all of us, all of the time and is completely free, is our breath.

Buddha described the human mind as being filled with drunken monkeys, jumping around, demanding out attention, chattering and talking endlessly. Sometimes our mind just will not stop chattering. We are full of thoughts – often fear-creating or anxiety-creating thoughts which can be very difficult to quieten. Then we start trying to calm ourselves down in order to feel ok and in doing so we create even more stress and tension for ourselves. Learning how to manage the racing thoughts in our mind is one of the most worthwhile challenges we can set ourselves.

Our breath is one of the best barometers we have of our state of mind. Often the first thing we do when we are disturbed or anxious is to restrict our breathing. When our minds are racing you can be sure that we have restricted our breathing or even stopped breathing altogether. Equally, a full free flowing breath reflects a full free flowing life.

Our breath is one of the best tools we have at our disposal to bring us back to a state of calm and peace. Deep breathing creates physiological changes to the body – it slows the heartbeat, lowers blood pressure and creates a sense of physical calm and wellbeing that allows us to begin to become aware of our thinking.

There are two things we address to restore calm and equilibrium. First of all we bring our attention to our breath without any expectation. Just the act of noticing the in and out rhythm is all that is needed. As we do we remember that we are just at a point in the cycle of life. Whatever state of mind I am in it will pass. There is nothing to do. And then we deliberately create a full free flowing connected breath we are creating the intention to have a full free flowing connected life, trusting that it will happen.

Our breath will give us whatever is needed for us to know. When we breathe a full connected breath, our body begins to move again – from the inside. We start to become aware of the soothing rhythm of our breath in our body and we start to connect with this rhythm. This noticing of our breath takes us out of the story we are creating and back into the flow.

We don’t need to be aware and fully conscious EVERY moment of the day. But we can choose to be aware and conscious at ANY moment of the day by opening our breath and giving it our full attention.

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