Listening to the Body

Learning to trust the wisdom of the body can bring about radical change. We let go limits of the mind and open ourselves to the flow of life.

I love words. I love telling stories. Words have the power to persuade, to connect and to reason. I love the subtlety of interpretation that a word can carry and the fact that words never carry the same meaning for two people. But the paradox is that the greatest wisdom we have access to is beyond the reach of words. There is more wisdom available to us from the body than can ever be declared by the mind. There is no more accurate radar to guide us through life than the subtle and not so subtle messages from our senses and our emotional body. Our heart teaches us about love, our intuition connects us to everything around us and our gut feeling protects us and reminds us what is important to us. However this guidance can lead us towards radical change.

Following our heart often leads us into unknown territory and away from the safety of the familiar. We may be invited to break ranks with our communities or to let go of conventional wisdom. The first thing our mind will do if we decide to trust the wisdom of our body is to warn us against it. Our modern world values logic, reason and science highly. Rightly so, but the language of possibility, purpose and expansion is learned from the body, not the mind. Through our feelings, once we learn to listen carefully, we know when we need to respond to life and when we need to be still. Our body may not reveal our future but it all always give us our next step. If we want to truly live the life we know we are capable of we cannot afford to ignore the guidance of the body.

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