The Art of Waiting

You do not need to leave your room. Remain sitting at your table and listen. Do not even listen, simply wait, be quiet, still and solitary. The world will freely offer itself to you to be unmasked, it has no choice, it will roll in ecstasy at your feet.

Franz Kafka

I have explored in many ways as a Life Coach, both with my clients and for myself how we reach our goals by visualising what we want and then letting it go. The principle of the Law Of Attraction is that whatever we give our attention to manifests in our life. It works by first getting clear on what we want and by visualising it, putting it into words and by feeling it. Then we let it go, wait and allow it to come to us.

But how difficult it can be to be asked to wait! We are finally clear on what we want. Our energy is high, our motivation through the roof, we feel confident, excited and a little bit nervous all at the same time. The last thing we want to hear is to wait, to slow down or to pause. Waiting feels like holding back, denying ourselves, deferring.

This is how I felt when I came here to Australia. I was excited and motivated and I wanted to make it work. I had to resist the urge to ‘make’ the breathworks happen, to ‘solve’ the challenges.  But getting stuck in, putting in effort and planning every detail was the old way of doing things and I knew that this time I wanted this experience to unfold in a different way. I wanted it to flow – to come to me. I wanted it to not depend entirely on my efforts.

Inspired Action 

Action is crucial if we are to achieve our goals. There is no question about that. It is by taking steps, one at a time that we reach our destination. But the question in my mind was did that action have to be effortful, difficult and time consuming or was there a better way.

It came to me that I needed to make my actions Inspired. The word inspire comes from the latin ‘Inspirare’ which means to breath in. But the word also originally meant to ‘impart a truth or idea to someone’. So Inspired Action comes to us in the form of a truth or idea. To know what to do next, we must stop and breath in and allow the idea to come to us.

The Art of Conscious Waiting

Waiting gives life a chance to respond to our request. This quality of waiting is the act of being still, curious, alert and aware, responding to whatever is present in the moment, trusting that everything that comes is a key piece of the jigsaw. Manifesting what we want is a conversation between us and life. There is a rhythm to this conversation. We inspire and exhale, give and receive and we take action and are still. This rhythm is present all the time in life though often we are not aware of it. The invitation here is to give the waiting our full attention, our full commitment and to make it a deliberate and crucial part of the manifestation process. When we do this, we open ourselves up to the new, the unexpected and the flow. So what happens when we do?

We Come Back to the Present Moment: Conscious waiting is the act of putting ourselves into receiving mode right now in the present moment  We open ourselves us to receive what is waiting for us right now.

We Co-Create: We find that we are not alone. People have the chance to come into our lives and show themselves willing to step up and take part.

We Find our Power: Stillness gives us the chance to respond to the moment rather than react to it. : We give ourselves back our power – our power to choose what our next step is.

We Face Our Fears: No dream, no goal is worth pursuing in the long term if it doesn’t give us the opportunity to stretch and grow. By deliberately pausing we give ourselves time to feel. Through feeling we can challenge and overcome our fears and limitations.

We Learn to Trust Ourselves.: Our gut instinct acts like a barometer to tell us whether we are on track or not. Looking out tells us what’s present in our world right now, listening to our gut feeling tells us if it is for us or not.

But most of all creating moments of stillness gives us a chance to enjoy the journey. We get to feel the pleasure of the ride, knowing that all is just perfect, and that in this moment, breathing, everything is is on its way.


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