#3 Can you Describe a Breathwork Session?

A Breathwork Group Session is where many people are first introduced to Breathwork. The sessions are suitable for complete beginners as well as people who are experienced breathers and are also suitable for people of all ages and fitness level.


At the beginning of the session we spend time connecting to each other and creating a safe and loving space. We connect with each other through simple exercises, movement, and by setting an intention. Through creating this bond we create a secure container for each of us to travel deeply inside to find our edges and see what is waiting to be revealed.

Next I explain what to expect during the session and I introduce the breathing technique. Normally you breathe lying down with your eyes closed and you breathe for one hour. After a few minutes you will find that even though you are still aware of everyone in the room you begin to go off on your own journey. The breathwork itself is usually accompanied by music or sound. As well as evoking different states they can also act as an anchor so that you can always find your way back. However the breath always remains the primary catalyst.

At all times during the breathwork, I and my assistants will be watching over you to assist you if you need it. We accompany you on every step of the way. You will hear my voice during the session. It is a way for you to allow yourself to be guided or it can bring your attention back to your breath if you have lost focus. Sometimes I use light touch to open up your breath or to remind you that you are not alone.

Even though it is a group experience each person still experiences their own journey at their own pace. However as the session progresses the collective energy builds and carries us along. Our sense of ourselves as individuals softens and melts and we feel a sense of connection and unity.

Some people find the experience brings to their awareness their feelings and beliefs about their place in a group, beliefs such as ‘I don’t belong’ or ‘I don’t get enough attention’. As they breathe into these feelings they receive a new understanding of how they are in groups and can experience a life-transforming release of these old beliefs and feelings.

The most interesting thing for me as a facilitator is how different each session is. One session might be light and peaceful, another might be much more raw and revealing. I never know in advance what is going to happen. That is the most magical thing about this work. It is out of my hands. Something bigger and more powerful than any of us guides each of us to have exactly the experience that we need right now.

At the close of the session, there is time to share your experience, get clarity about what came up for you and how it might be useful in your life. I might offer feedback, affirmations or coaching or suggest exercises or homework that would help you integrate what you have learned from the session into your daily life. At this stage is is common for people to describe a sense of peace and calm, feelings of bliss, joy and gratitude and a deep sense of connection with themselves and life.

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