Hi, I'm Ann!

I’m a Life Enthusiast, Adventurer, Breathworker and NLP Coach. I’ve been on a long journey to discover how to live fully and authentically. I am here to support you on your path towards more meaning, joy and aliveness!

What I offer

I share my years of experience and expertise in Breathwork and Coaching along with the insights and wisdom gained from my own personal journey through group and individual sessions.

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Our breath is a most powerful healing tool. Breathwork teaches us to connect to ourselves on a deeper level, learn to understand our story and become empowered to step beyond it.

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What’s keeping you from creating the life you really want? In personal sessions or via Skype, together we cultivate the skills and access the wisdom you need to reach your highest potential.

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Latest Blogs

Life Is Difficult

Accepting this great truth allows us to make it easy. Rather than wishing it to be easy or doing our best to make it easy, by accepting life exactly the way it is right now we realise it doesn’t matter.

When Things Go Wrong!

It can take something to go wrong for us to realise how much we are holding ourselves back!

After 50 – Your Best Years Yet

The challenges facing people who want to live their dream change as they grow older. But that doesn’t mean that it is impossible. Here I talk about some of the lessons I learned from my own journey over the past five years.

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My experience with Ann was wonderful. She is warm, supportive, cheerful, kind and sincere ... She processes far more than her fair share of hard-earned wisdom.

– Kristin Marie Combs (NY) 

I cannot wait for my next session with Ann, I feel myself opening up and becoming more authentic in her presence … and of course I love that soft, comforting Irish twang!

– Karen (UK)

I felt fully supported and cared for while breathing with Ann. I enjoy her presence thoroughness and humour. She holds a lovingly safe authentic space and energy. It is a true gift to breathe with Ann, one I highly encourage.

– Senaja (Perth)

Ann is a gifted, exceptionally nurturing breathworker as well as a skilled and experienced coach – she is intelligent, wise and capable to hold space for big groups.

– NIk (Switzerland)

Ann’s intuition and knowledge for my needs while breathing are still unmatched by any other breath practitioner I have worked with.

– Sally (Australia)

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