I am Ann. This is my story.

Hi there!

My life certainly didn’t turn out the way I thought it would. Not in my wildest dream could I have imagined that I would end up living on a tropical island, working as a Breathwork Practitioner and Coach.

How did I get here?

Indeed five years ago aged fifty, when I was still living in Ireland I had no idea that the next five years were going to be such an adventure. One of the most important lessons I learned along the way was that letting life unfold in exactly the way it does brings better results than any great plan I could ever devise.

Discovering My Potential

For as long as I can remember, my commitment to myself has been to reach for my potential and to always choose the path that would bring me there. It wasn’t always easy. Along with the successes and adventures, there were failures, losses and broken dreams along the way. Now I know that in these moments a new journey began – one that brought me from an outer journey to an inner one. And that’s the one that I believe matters most.

Living Life like an Adventure

In my never ending quest for beauty, truth and love, I sold my house in 2010, gave away all my possessions, said goodbye to my beautiful friends and family in Ireland and set off on my adventure around the world. During the last years I have travelled throughout South East Asia, lived and worked in Vietnam for over two years, learned to ride a motorbike and finally settled in Bali. It was here that I found Breathwork, this wonderful modality that has changed everything for me and exceeds all my expectations. Through Breathwork my whole perception of life changed. It gives me a sense of aliveness and connection beyond anything I could have imagined. It opens me up to new ways of living and being, new dreams and confidence and to people and resources to make it happen. Now my passion is to share the gifts of my journey with the rest of the world.

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