Exploring Our Breath

Remembering Our First Breath

Our first breath as a baby was full and rich and free. Then as we grew and as we felt the tensions and stresses of life we began to restrict our breath. Eventually our breathing choices became a habit and we started to live our life from this restricted place.

Reclaiming Our Breath

We start by simply bringing our attention back to our breath and breathing consciously. Then by connecting our in and out breath we create an uninterrupted cycle of breathing. Our journey has begun.

We feel the energy of our breath flowing through our body. Our body begins to waken up, energised by the extra oxygen that we are feeding it. Deeply held tensions in the body are released and we feel more alive, more present and more loving than we could have thought possible.

Journey To Wholeness

Our breath brings consciousness to our unconscious. Through our breath we can quickly access our inner wisdom, the highest truth that we hold inside of us. Each breath expands us and connects us with our source, the highest potential within us. Some people say that they have finally come ‘home’.


Through Breathwork we get to explore and connect with a tender and often hidden part of ourselves. We bring self-compassion to those parts that have been waiting for our attention. Once we learn to be present to ourselves we can open ourselves up to others.


We hold memories of old trauma, including birth trauma in the cells of our body. With our conscious breath we can release these traumas and allow the feelings and patterns that have been troubling us for a lifetime to gently leave us.

New Possibilities

Our breath awakens us to Life by aligning our spirit with our mind and our body. New possibilities appear that did not seem possible before. We find ourselves open to a creative flow and feelings of joy and ecstasy.

Get Started!

You can experience breathwork either in a group or in a one-on-one session with me. Learn here more about the differences here.

One on One Breathwork

A one-on-one Breathwork session is uniquely tailored to you and your needs. These sessions are face to face and typically last 90 minutes. Prior to the session, we’ll discuss your intentions and goals, and afterwards we’ll find ways to integrate your insights into your daily life. Through a one on one session you can learn more about your own unique  breath patterns and how they affect your life. It is also an ideal opportunity to work though a particular issue you have in your life using your breath as your guide.
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Group Breathwork

This is a perfect introduction to Breathwork but also a lovely experience on a regular basis. A group can be small or large and a session lasts about 2 hours. Throughout the session you’ll be guided and coached through me (and my assistants). The sessions end with some sharing and grounding exercises. It is suitable for all levels. The energy of the group makes this a powerful and transforming experience. Most people experience physical or emotional releases and leave with an increased sense of wellbeing and peace.
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My experience with Ann was wonderful. She is warm, supportive, cheerful, kind and sincere ... She processes far more than her fair share of hard-earned wisdom.

– Kristin Marie Combs (NY) 

I cannot wait for my next session with Ann, I feel myself opening up and becoming more authentic in her presence … and of course I love that soft, comforting Irish twang!

– Karen (UK)

I felt fully supported and cared for while breathing with Ann. I enjoy her presence thoroughness and humour. She holds a lovingly safe authentic space and energy. It is a true gift to breathe with Ann, one I highly encourage.

– Senaja (Perth)

Ann is a gifted, exceptionally nurturing breathworker as well as a skilled and experienced coach – she is intelligent, wise and capable to hold space for big groups.

– NIk (Switzerland)

Ann’s intuition and knowledge for my needs while breathing are still unmatched by any other breath practitioner I have worked with.

– Sally (Australia)

Frequently Asked Questions
Can Anybody Do It?
Our breath is the simplest and most natural tool available to us. During sessions you breathe lying down so this practice is available to everybody, regardless of age or ability. The only requirement is the desire to know yourself better and to grow.
Alchemy of Breath Vision

“Our vision is to promote the empowerment of the individual in their journey towards health on every level. We invite the collaboration of the most advanced western medicine with all indigenous practices and ‘alternative’ modalities. We foster the alignment of deepest inner spiritual health with that of the the mind, the body, our wonderful planet and the cosmos!

Our part of that vision is to work from the inside out, knowing that each person who leaves our space is enriched and carries a seed to take back out to the world. Most of our work is orientated towards intimacy, and re-learning that our child tendencies to trust in the world and life as a whole were actually correct! Our task is to provide supportive methods for people to equip themselves for their life journey – you could say we are a kit store for those who wish to hike through their inner landscapes! -Anthony Abbagnano (Founder)

Are there Health Benefits
Our breath is instrumental in helping us to detoxify and release toxins, decrease stress, strengthen immune system, improve ph level in body, elevate mood, relieve emotional tension and boost energy levels and many other areas of wellbeing.

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