Coaching for Mastery

Journey to Excellence

Every day I meet people who are taking steps to live an extraordinary life. And every day I see miracles happen. We all have the power to transform our relationships and we all have the power to transform our lives. 

Wherever you are in your life, remember that this is just the starting point. I know what it is like to feel stuck or lost or just to feel that you are not reaching your potential. I have been there many times. I also know that out of the most challenging situations can come the most profound changes.

Working Together

Coaching is first and foremost a relationship. As your coach I champion and support you as you walk in new directions and explore new territories. I completely trust you to make your own choices and I know that whatever action you take and whatever decisions you make you will learn and grow from them.

Many people say this is unlike any other relationship they have been in. It provides the foundation stone for transformation and growth beyond anything experienced before.

How Does It Work

We explore your life as having two part . There is the inner reflective  part of you that asks questions and creates dreams and goals for yourself and there is the outer active part of you that brings these dreams to life. In coaching we usually end up asking these two questions:

What Do I Want?

 Life is telling you it is time to change and you are ready, but what next?  Sometime we limit ourselves to what we think is possible rather that think about what we truly dream of.

We explore the question from all aspects of you and your life, from your thinking to your emotions, your values, your gut feelings and your intuition.

How Do I Get There?

Through the coaching process you build the skills you need to achieve your goals. The skills could include learning how to challenge the monkey mind that tells you you cannot do it. Or the skill to say no to distractions and the demands of others.

In fact you will find that as you learn these skills they transform other areas of your life as well. 

Get Started!

You can experience Coaching with me either in a one-on-one session via Skype or in a group . Learn here more about the different options here.

One on One Coaching Session

For these sessions we’ll meet in person or on Skype, which makes it absolutely convenient for you to get one-on-one support and coaching from me no matter where you live.

I offer a range of packages and you choose which one suits you best. You decide yourself what you want to work on, and what you want to achieve.  As your coach I am supporting you on every step of the way.  

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Workshops are generally one or two days, while retreats last longer. These highly interactive days will have you fully engaged in learning what you need to know in order to reach your highest potential.

You will leave with the clarity, tools and the awareness you require to confidently take the next steps toward creating a life you love. Workshops can also be tailored to your requirements. 

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My experience with Ann was wonderful. She is warm, supportive, cheerful, kind and sincere ... She processes far more than her fair share of hard-earned wisdom.

– Kristin Marie Combs (NY) 

I cannot wait for my next session with Ann, I feel myself opening up and becoming more authentic in her presence … and of course I love that soft, comforting Irish twang!

– Karen (UK)

I felt fully supported and cared for while breathing with Ann. I enjoy her presence thoroughness and humour. She holds a lovingly safe authentic space and energy. It is a true gift to breathe with Ann, one I highly encourage.

– Senaja (Perth)

Ann is a gifted, exceptionally nurturing breathworker as well as a skilled and experienced coach – she is intelligent, wise and capable to hold space for big groups.

– NIk (Switzerland)

Ann’s intuition and knowledge for my needs while breathing are still unmatched by any other breath practitioner I have worked with.

– Sally (Australia)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Coaching?

NLP is a wonderful tool to use on the way towards mastery of the mind. Using NLP we explore how we organise our thinking, feelings, language and behaviour and why.  We explore how we operate on the inside and  how our body and mind work together. We don’t just replace ‘negative’ beliefs with ‘positive’ ones we learn how step out of the thinking of good and bad and learn to just ‘be’.

Is Coaching For Me?

If you want a change of some sort – whether it is changing or creating a habit or behaviour, improving your work-life balance, changing your career, improving your relationships, being more creative at work etc – AND you are ready to take steps to achieve it, then you will benefit from coaching.

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