Individual Sessions

The Power of One-on-One.

Individual Sessions allow us to look more closely, explore more deeply and resolve old patterns more efficiently. Contrary to a group setting, I can fully focus on supporting you in your process, which makes our collaboration extremely powerful.

One on One Breathwork

These sessions are face to face or on Skype and typically last 90 minutes. Prior to the session, we’ll discuss your intentions and goals, and afterwards we’ll find ways to integrate your insights into your daily life.

Through a one on one session you can learn more about your own unique  breath patterns and how they affect your life. It is also an ideal opportunity to work though a particular issue you have in your life using your breath as your guide.


One on One Coaching

For these sessions we’ll meet in person or on Skype, which makes it absolutely convenient for you to get one-on-one support and coaching from me no matter where you live.

I offer a range of packages and you choose which one suits you best. You decide yourself what you want to work on, and what you want to achieve. Together we make a plan of action and tackle the challenges along the way. Within the Coaching relationship I am always supporting you in taking action to achieve your goals.


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