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[icon name=”quote-left” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] My experience with Ann was wonderful. She is warm, supportive, cheerful, kind and sincere. Also, it is obvious, that she processes far more than her fair share of hard-earned wisdom.

– Kristin Marie Combs (USA)

[icon name=”quote-left”]  From my first meeting with Ann, I was instantly attracted to her ability to connect with me from a warm and friendly non-judgmental place. In our Breathwork session’s, Ann put me at ease with her professionalism and wisdom, her gentle challenges …[icon name=”plus-circle” class=”” ]  [expand title=”Read full testimonial” trigclass=”noarrow”]… and her openness to guide the session in whichever direction it needed to go. Because of this, I was able to trust her immensely and surrender myself to the process and into her capable hands. I felt fully supported at all times, Ann has a very fine quality of being fully present to whatever occurs and I believe this is because Ann is so committed to her own personal growth and development. In my opinion, this is an essential component of becoming a safe practitioner, making her fearless and unshakable to whatever presents itself in a session. I cannot wait for my next session with Ann, I feel myself opening up and becoming more authentic in her presence…and of course, I love that soft, comforting Irish twang!”[/expand] – Karen (UK)

[icon name=”quote-left”]  My coaching session with Ann was very eye opening for me. I learned things about myself that I wasn’t clear of before and that had been preventing me from moving forward in certain areas. Ann’s gentle way of guiding away from old patterns, by listening and mirroring back to me what I did not see …[icon name=”plus-circle” class=”” ]  [expand title=”Read full testimonial” trigclass=”noarrow”]… has helped me in my every day life in so many ways. I am now listening to myself on a different level and am making changes to live my life more peacefully, by speaking my truth and going for all that I want. She gave me some concrete tools to work with and I will definitely continue evolving much faster, now that I have realized what was holding me back. Ann was amazing and I highly recommend her work.”[/expand] – Jazmine Howard (Sweden)

[icon name=”quote-left”]  I’ve known Ann for two years now and she has enriched my life in many ways. As my colleague in the Breathwork facilitator training, she contributed amazingly to the quality of the training through her interesting point of view, her ability of expression and her sensitivity. It was a pure joy to have such a deep, thoughtful and eloquent person in the group …[icon name=”plus-circle” class=”” ]  [expand title=”Read full testimonial” trigclass=”noarrow”]… Ann’s breathwork style is unique. I always feel everything is welcome and nothing is judged in the space she creates. This allows for joyful and deep self-exploration, and a soft and gentle opening to new possibilities. No matter if you want to do breathwork or coaching, I’m certain that Ann will support you perfectly in your journey. She works in a way that is not at all intrusive, leaving plenty of space for yourself . Still she gives powerful hints that encourage thinking in new directions. I can’t recommend Ann enough and I’m sure you will love her!.”[/expand]

– Karen (UK)

[icon name=”quote-left”]  Ann and I have trained Breathwork together and on this life transforming journey for both of us she has not only become a highly valuable colleague but also a great support as a very good friend. Ann is a gifted, exceptionally nurturing Breathworker …[icon name=”plus-circle” class=”” ]  [expand title=”Read full testimonial” trigclass=”noarrow”]… as well as a skilled and experienced coach – she is intelligent, wise and capable to hold space for big groups. Her genuinely tender energy shows the greatness of her heart – i am very happy to have her in my life..”[/expand] – Nik (Switzerland)

[icon name=”quote-left”]  Ten conscious breaths can change your point of view, something I heard before my first breath session. I can tell you with all certainty, this statement is true. 20 years of functioning drug abuse and straight out of a mental health facility for a nervous breakdown at 38, I was skeptical …[icon name=”plus-circle” class=”” ]  [expand title=”Read full testimonial” trigclass=”noarrow”]… but had left my life behind to travel to Ubud, Bali for 3 months to heal. I had little choice but to be open to possibility. Ann was a part of the breathe team that eventful morning. The experience was nothing short of profound. From all the healing available in Ubud, any therapy in I had experienced there, in Australia or abroad, any drug I had ever used, nothing compared to the alchemy of breathe experience. Ann sat by my side and support me through that first session with great care and tender understanding. It wouldn’t have been the experience it was without her. Her intuition and knowledge for my needs while breathing are still unmatched by any other breathe practitioner I have worked with. During my stay in Ubud I had sessions with many healers and attended many workshops. The few core staples I used to cope with rejoining society without the use of stimulants and maintaining a normal life with, both in the form of general advice and daily practices, I took from Ann Moloney. She is a wealth of knowledge, making her a versatile practitioner for her clients needs. Her generosity and delivery in sharing her knowledge was tremendously useful and I apply her wisdom to life daily. I trust Ann amongst very few. I strongly recommend her practice and teachings to anybody wanting to grow spiritually, heal or become a better adjusted individual in this world. Thank you Ann for your love, wisdom and support. I’m happy, healthy and grateful to be alive. 10 conscious breathes can change your point of view.”[/expand] – Sally (Australia)

[icon name=”quote-left”]  Ann is highly intuitive, resourceful, perceptive and skilled in her breath work and coaching sessions. She is quickly able to get to the heart of the matter and defuse it through a combination of techniques. I was able to let go of deep seated fears, and completely transform …[icon name=”plus-circle” class=”” ]  [expand title=”Read full testimonial” trigclass=”noarrow”]… some areas of my life. At all times I felt safe and confident in Ann’s ability to guide the session. Her warmth, insight, and authenticity made the sessions enjoyable despite the complex issues being raised. I would have no hesitation recommending Ann to anyone who wants to engage in this type of healing.”[/expand] – Sarah (Ireland)

[icon name=”quote-left”]  Her real interest in “me” rather than my plans and things I want to accomplish really helped me to change my focus from “what I should do” to what’s really important for me in my life. Her true care, total acceptance and invitingly loving energy enabled me …[icon name=”plus-circle” class=”” ]  [expand title=”Read full testimonial” trigclass=”noarrow”]… to open up and express the things that I never thought I could share with someone. It’s a true gift. I achieved a real awareness on what’s in my power, what can I change in my attitude that will make all the difference and bring a new sense of inner peace and ease in those situations that are bothering me. I’m truly grateful for our work and I would recommend Ann to anyone who needs a truly caring Life Coach. If you want to be true to yourself, Ann is the Coach to go.”[/expand] – Arzu (Turkey)

[icon name=”quote-left”] What can I say about Ann… She emanates a wisdom, born of experience. A strength, tested to the depths of her own inner journey. She has courage and fortitude and a kind, loving knowingness. Ann will guide you, hold you, and never disempower you …[icon name=”plus-circle” class=”” ]  [expand title=”Read full testimonial” trigclass=”noarrow”]… I’ve seen this Woman go deep, go on and through, meeting her own resistance with a loving insistence, when many would shudder and stop. Above all she retains a lightness of Spirit, a joyful, smiling essence. Who better to be beside you as you travel to greater knowing. I would recommend Ann and her Breathwork to everyone for anyone.”[/expand] – Peter (UK)

[icon name=”quote-left”]  Ann is a courageous Breathwork facilitator. I felt fully supported and cared for while breathing with Ann. I was comfortable to visit the unknown and uncomfortable parts of myself. I enjoy her presence thoroughness and humour. She holds a lovingly safe authentic space and energy. It is a true gift to breathe with Ann, one I highly encourage. Thank you treasure.

– Senaja (Australia)

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